Frequently asked questions 

Can you recommend medication for my son/brother/daughter/mother? 

No, I am not medically trained and do not provide advice on medication.


Will I be able to stop stressing or feel happier by talking to you?

I would suggest to treat the services I offer like a ‘mental gym’. We could discuss ways to build a foundation and aim to be in a better place.


I don’t know how to work ZOOM. Can you help? 

Absolutely!! We could talk on the phone and workout ZOOM together.


Will you help me deal with benefits, forms or write letters?

Apologies but I cannot do that.  I acknowledge how stressful this can be, it is not within the service criteria.


Will I be able to contact you outside sessions?

Yes, you can email me and please only if it is completely necessary.  For example, to cancel a session (48 hours in advance).  If you are in a crisis, always call emergency (999 in the UK) and explain your situation.

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