Who is this for?


Concerned about how you are feeling lately?  Are things in your life not going how you wish to?  Getting angry or anxious from one moment to the next?  It could be anything past or present that you want to work on, counselling will help explore these issues and work on ways to feel and function better. 

Mental Health Service

 This service is primarily for carers of people experiencing distressing symptoms of schizophrenia or psychosis.  This experiences could also be of people diagnosed with other complex mental health conditions such as bipolar.  It is information led in a safe space to talk about how to manage these experiences better. You may be a student of mental health (psychology, counselling, psychiatry or other) and would like to hear my take on this diagnosis with a positive story of recovery.  All contact will be confidential, whether 1:1 or the Presentation session.




Delivered on Zoom. 1hr with 30 minutes Q&As approx. 

This session will touch on issues that may be emotive such as paranoia, distressing beliefs, suicide, trauma and personal testimonies.  Please only attend if you feel able to keep yourself safe in this setting.

The next webinar will be presented in the summer of 2022.  Lookout for updates!



If your school, college, university is aware of the importance of the students' mental health, please get in touch here and I can be available to offer an insightful face-to-face talk around the subject of keeping well.  It is so important as students are at an age were they are more likely to develop conditions which could damage their lives for a long time.  It is very important to prevent and this can be done by giving information.


1:1 Session

Zoom session or phone call.  This is primarily for people experiencing or have experienced voices, hallucinations and other distressing symptoms and will be curious as to how I manage to deal with these.  I am not going to give you advice or judge you.  This 1:1 can also be for a parent, sister, brother, friend who wants to ask questions about mental health.   



Is there something bothering you recently?  Are you getting irate or feeling low in mood? Or there maybe something that has been going on for a long time and are still struggling with?  The value of talking to someone whilst we are struggling is immense, even more so when talking to a qualified counsellor.  In times when mental health is very much prevalent it is essential we take time out to self-care and live the best life we can, the power of human potential is available to all of us.  


I am an Integrative therapeutic counsellor which means I draw on various modalities or ways of working to suit your needs.  I am empathic, patient and a really good listener.  I will make you feel valued and heard.  It might be difficult to delve deep but I can assure you life does get better, make that step and get in touch.

How does it work?

  • First meeting will be an assessment, this is a free 15-20 minute phone call.  We can then sign an agreement to embark on an interesting journey together.

  • I work on zoom, Microsoft Teams, phone and face-to-face in and around Herne Hill, south London.


  • 48 hours prior to the next meeting otherwise there will be a charge for the full session.

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Presentation Session

  • Service users - £10

  • Carers/Family/Friends - £10

  • Voluntary organisations and unfunded individuals including students - £10

  • Statuary and commercial organisations including NHS, Council and Private - £10



1:1 Session

 1hr - £80 (concessionary rates are offered, so please get in touch.  Do not suffer in silence)



50 minute sessions - £60 per session (concessionary rates are offered to those on a low income, please get in touch with Charlie directly via the contact me section to discuss this further.)